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Hello, my name is Milda. I am jewellery artisan and I am based in Dublin, Ireland. If you would be interested in purchasing any of my works, I post the items worldwide.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dark Violet .... I am in love with you :)

It was quite long time from my last blog post. I was quite busy and would like to share with new my new two piece set made from Czech glass beads and jasper stones. 

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Earrings length is around 5 cm. Jasper stones and small glass beads were used to create those earrings; they are a little similar to flowers, ins't ? btw, earrings hooks are made from sterling silver. So, even if you have very sensitive ears, they are perfect. 

Bracelet length is around 19 cm. and has three strings. Very very elegant. I like taking photos, but then again need to say, that photos does not do the justice for this set. I love the contrast between shiny Czech glass beads and mate jasper stones.