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Hello, my name is Milda. I am jewellery artisan and I am based in Dublin, Ireland. If you would be interested in purchasing any of my works, I post the items worldwide.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Earrings "Alice in Wonderland"

Lately I like to create items and attach some story to them. I always was fascinated with "Alice in Wonderland" story. But never have read it !!!! Just watched movies. Promise I will try to fix this misunderstanding as soon as possible. Meanwhile I was playing with those amazing brass cats; they are cute, isn't ? 

Do not forget to press link below "Read More" for more photos and descriptions. 

I used Czech glass beads, brass details, gold plated earrings hooks to create those earrings. They are quite long, length is ~ 10,5 cm. 

Those earrings are for sale. If interested in purchasing, do not hesitate to write me an email or contact me via Milda's Crafts Facebook page .